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NDMS Vision


Learners Each Achieving Dynamic Success

NDMS Mission

North Davie staff members work together to create a comfortable and safe environment for students. We create meaningful learning experiences that meet students where they are and involve collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking. Students benefit from a personalized approach to learning from teachers and staff who are passionate educators.

School Crest

School Crest

  1. The fleur-de-lis from the north point of a compass.  This represents one's unique path, destiny, or journey towards self-discovery and success!  North always LEADS!!

  2. The Civic Crown (The Wreath) was a military decoration during the Roman Empire, given to Romans who saved the lives of fellow citizens. It was regarded as one of the highest decorations to which a citizen could aspire. It took the form of a wreath of common leaves woven to form a crown. 

  3. Emblems of the 6 houses.  Representing the spirit of Dreamers, Friendship, Uplifting, Kindness, Courage and Kindness…we are one family!

  4. Sei Case, Una Famiglia… Italian for “Six Houses, One Family”

  5. The Shield, One who protects or defends. Symbolizing one that shelters and protects the vulnerable.

6 Houses, 1 Family